To be a great wrestler is no secret.

The more time you spend training on a wrestling mat the better you will get! Why limit your time on the wrestling pads by only using it during scheduled practice? Having the convenience of using a wrestling mat for home use with the same wrestling padding quality used at tournaments at home will help establish that mental toughness and confidence you get only by by spending time on the mat. All Roll Out Mats are protected with Bio-Pruf® for a clean and safe anti-microbial surface so you don't have to worry about getting those gross skin infections often seen from other manufacturers products of wrestling mats.

Made of durable 24-ounce vinyl, our wrestling mats offer superior grip, protection for athletes, and meet all standards of construction for use in wrestling tournaments. We have taken the same quality wrestling mat material used for NCAA tournaments and made them available for individual wrestlers. Our team in Iowa, state capital of wrestling, is comprised of all die hard wrestler fanatics having some of our team members that have wrestled themselves, or have kids who wrestle. We thought what better way to give back to the sport of wrestling by creating the same quality wrestling pads you see at a tournament for home use. If there is only two things we can know, its how to wrestle, and how to make the best quality wrestling pads in the industry.